Victorian Period Circa 1837-1901

This era mirrored the phases of Queen Victoria's life. There are three phases known in the Victorian period: Romantic, Mourning and Late Victorian period. 

The Romantic period was from 1837-1861. This is the period where Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert were said to be deeply in love. The jewelry in this phase reflected romance, serenity, joy and confidence. Motifs such as hearts, birds, bows, flowers, enameled snakes and serpents were used. 

When Prince Albert passed in 1861 that is said to be the start of the Mourning period. It lasted from 1861-1880. Jewelry from this phase encompassed darker and more melancholy styles. Jewelry made of black onyx and black enamel became very popular. 

Queen Victoria finally emerged from her mourning period which was known as the Late Victorian period, from 1880-1901. The jewelry in this period represented more softer, whimsical and buoyant designs. Motifs such as crescent moons, stars, and dragons were used.